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Inspection Services

Inspecting, Assessing and Monitoring the World

Vendor Quality Surveillance, Third Party Vendor Inspection, Material Inspection

“INAT” Inspection Services offers comprehensive Vendor Quality Assurance services, ensuring that the quality level of material and equipment provided to our customer meets all the defined requirements. An organized and properly implemented vendor quality assurance program can be cost effective in assuming that a project will not be delayed or shutdown due to deficiencies in the quality of materials or equipment supplied.
“INAT” Vendor Quality Assurance Representatives are qualified by the company and they are certified by Internationally recognized organizations such as TWI, ASNT, API, AWS and ASQC. The service aims to control at the premises of the manufacturer or sub-contractor, the quality of workmanship and the conformity of the manufactured equipment with the purchase specifications, the applicable drawings, codes and standards and other relevant contractual documents. The level of “INAT” involvement will be identified in an Inspection and Test Plan.
Mechanical (Vendor Manufacturer Inspection and Assessment)

Pressure Vessels as per API 510, Steel Tank Inspections as per API 650, Piping Inspection as per API 570, Pipes/ Fittings/ Flanges as  per ASTM A234/ API 5L/ ASTM A53/ ASTM A106/ ASTM A105/ ASTM A350, Valves as per API 600, 602,598, 6D, Steel plates,

Structural steel as per AWS D.1.1, Rotary Equipment, Pumps, Compressors, Turbines, Generators, RTR Pipes, Fiber Glass Tanks, Studs,/

Bolts/ Nuts/ Washers, Steel Doors, Frames and others.

Electrical and Instrument (Vendor/ Manufacturer Inspection & Assessment)

Wires and Cables, Conduits, RSG, PVC, Transformers, Switch Gears, Switch Racks, Panel Boards, Control Systems, Fire Fighting System,  Security Systems CCTV, Paging Systems/ Fence Intrusion Systems, Electrical fixtures, Lighting Poles, UPS System, Cathodic Protection  and others.

Civil Vendor Inspection

Aluminum Doors and Windows, Blast Doors, Pre-cast Concrete, Chain Link Fence, Hollow Metal Doors, Frames and Hardware,  Structural Steel Works, Anchor Bolts, Batching Plants, Concrete Mix Design, Asphalt Mix Design and others.

Quality Procurement

Supervision of procurement material, preparation of Inspection and Quality Requirement for material as per client’s specifications and  standards


Expediting enables the site construction work to proceed as scheduled and helps to minimize delays and costly product deficiency  issues. Our Expediters are experienced in utilizing specification criteria defined by International Standards and Client Specifications.

Management System Certification Body

Quality Management System

Environmental Management System

Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Food Safety Management System

Information Security Management System

Energy Management Systems

Anti Bribery Management Systems

Audit & Process Improvement Support

In service inspection & other inspection

Equipment can break down at any time when it is in service, which can lead to delays in production, increasing costs and  liability. To prevent these situations from occurring, it is important to schedule inspections regularly. This will ensure that the  equipment has been installed, operated, and maintained properly under the watch of a qualified inspector. Our In-service inspection is more effective for maintenance inspections, performance verification and preventive failure  analyses to maximize productivity and reduce costly downtime and meet safety, compliance standards, specification and  regulatory requirements which includes:
In-Plant Inspections

Plant integrity, safety & reliability are major concerns to all plant operators and managers. The challenge to management is to ensure that their assets are in a fit-for-service condition, complying with regulatory and company requirements in the most reliable, safe and  cost-effective manner, our in-plant services assist our clients to achieve this. Our in-plant inspections are performed using a RBI  methodology following API 580 and API 581 principles. Supplemented by API 570, API 510 and API 653 codes, we inspect the  following elements: Tanks, Piping, Pipelines, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Coolers, Structures, etc.

Pipeline Integrity Inspection Service

Pipelines are critical business assets, their integrity, safety & reliability are major concerns to pipeline operators and owners. Our  pipeline integrity inspection service which is based on API 1163 and ASME 31.8S, enables us to assist our clients to ensure that their assets are in a fit-for-service condition and comply with regulatory requirements. We are able to provide this service with minimum or  no disruption to pipeline operations.

Tank Inspection Services

We perform aboveground storage tank inspections in the petroleum and chemical industries. Our tank inspection services assist our  clients in maintaining the integrity of their tanks, through enhancing safety, protecting the environment and making sure their assets  are fit-for- purpose. We perform comprehensive tank inspections, which meet and exceed, the requirements established in API  650/653 codes.

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Services

RBI is a method for using risk as a basis to prioritize and manage the efforts of an inspection program, based on the consequences of failure of components and systems. It helps to ensure that facilities are fit-for-purpose, the protection of the environment, the safety of  personnel and avoid costly unplanned shutdowns.

Crane Inspection and Inspection of Hoisting and Lifting Equipment

Our Inspection ensures the safety and reliability of Crane, hoisting and lifting equipment and compliance with statutory requirements.  It is require to ensure that they are safe, and in compliance with statutory requirements.

Failure Analysis and Investigation

Our Service includes the root cause failure analysis, testing of metal products makes use of macroscopic and microscopic examination  methods, as well as other investigative tools such as nondestructive testing, mechanical testing and chemical analysis. The failure  analysis investigation concentrates on the metallurgical aspects of the failure. They generally do not emphasize factors such as stress  or load distributions.

Technical Assistance and Inspection during Shutdown

Our effective inspection and technical assistance during turnarounds enables to decrease costly downtime and re-start operations as  quickly and as safely as possible.

Railway Component & Equipment Inspection

“INAT” with experienced staff is providing Quality Assurance Services Associated with the procurement of Stock Rail, our  qualified representatives are extremely well educated in the applicable inspection codes such as American Welding Society  (AWS) D!.1 and D!.5; AASHTO; ASTM Standards E10, E142m E164 and E709; AISI; and SSPC with specific knowledge in  Manual for Railway Engineering, “ Specifications for Steel Rail; Fabrication of Continuous Rail, Thermite Welding,

Our Inspectors monitor the production process, non destructive weld evaluations, dimensional analysis reviews and coating  inspections. In– service inspections include damage verification, post repair as well as repair shop assessment and  evaluations to reduce non-physical errors in the fabrication process. Inspections during the fabrication of Special Track work  including Turnouts and their components such as: Switch Points, Frogs, Guard Rails, Tie Plated, Gauge Rod, and Concrete and Timber Ties.

Paitning & Coating Procedure Qualification and Failure Assessment

“INAT” provides a coating inspection service to the engineering industry both On shore and Off Shore, we also act as third party inspector on client’s behalf. Our capability includes application Testing and Inspection as well as routine condition monitoring of rubber, bitumen PE, glass, paint coated surfaces and failure assessment.

Welding Procedure & Welding Qualification

Developing welding procedures in accordance with a welding code or standard requires that physical weld samples be  produced, inspected, and tested to establish qualification. Welding procedures are usually divided into two categories, the  Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) and the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS).

Perform Welder Performance Qualification, Welder certification determines a welder’s skill and ability to deposit sound weld  metal. The welder’s tests consist of many variables, including the specific welding process, type of metal, thickness, joint  design, position, and others. Most often, the test is conducted in accordance with a particular code.

“INAT” provides assistance to Vendors, Manufacturers and Laboratories to establish their facilities for their main client requirement in order to get them registered and approved in the vendor list of main clients.

Project Support Services

New construction Supervision / Monitoring / In process Surveillance / Technical Manpower. We offer full Project support include QA/QC team members and supervision during the construction phase, comparison of actual construction to the design, verification of proper use of procedures and materials, technical inspection of the structure and supervision of (sub-) contractors. As well as Plant and other Industries

Technical Consultancy

“INAT” provides assistance to Vendors, Manufacturers and Laboratories to establish their facilities for their main client requirement in order to get them registered and approved in the vendor list of main clients.