INAT Hospital Equipment & Services

Since 1974, We supply equipment and provide after-sales services along with well-known manufacturers from all over the world in Hospital sector.
Modular Operation Rooms

Modular Wall Panels

Material starts from Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel Panels, Glass Panels, Printed Glass Panels, High-Pressure Laminate with substructure.

Floor Systems

The conductive floors properly installed alienate any electrostatic charge created. Used in areas with very high standards of safety and sensitivity.

Ceiling Systems

The panel modules match the wall system grid dimensions and each panel can be detached individually.

Doors and Windows

Automatic and manual sliding and hinged doors/windows with integrated X-ray protection and blinds.

Air Conditioning System

Laminar Flow systems work with a vertical, turbulence-free displacement flow, supply, and installation.

Control Panels

The Touch Panel provides a solution that meets the demands of modern medical equipment.

Hospital Equipment

In medical locations, all efforts are focused on the patient’s HOSPITAL Page 2 recovery. Even a brief power failure can jeopardize successful diagnostics and treatment and therefore the health of the patient. For this reason, the requirements for power supply reliability are very important. Allows the implementation of all measures to improve the power supply in medical locations and is the perfect solution in the healthcare system. BENDER IS THE WORLD LEADER IN HEALTHCARE POWER SAFETY!


The flexible, prefabricated, modular system for operating theatres, preparation rooms, scrub areas, and other hospital rooms. The design of the modular system is carried out in accordance with technical building requirements.

System Elements

We offer complex solutions for operating theatres including the following elements:


Healthcare standards require testing of Isolated Power systems, Isolated Power panels, Surgeons Control panels, Touch Control panels, Remote Alarm Indicators, and Remote Alarm Annunciators in healthcare facilities.
Isolated power systems must be kept in peak condition to ensure safe conditions for both patients and staff and to ensure peak condition of these systems, as well as to ensure certification of meeting requirements of IEC, NFPA, NEC, and JCAHO regulations and standards.
Monthly Periodic Testing and Certification by BENDER Qualified Engineers

NFPA 99 and IEC 60364-7-710 requires periodic testing of isolated power systems in healthcare facilities. BENDER’s testing and maintenance evaluation includes:

Equipment that needs Monthly Periodic Maintenance as per IEC and NFPA regulation

Isolated Power Panels

Isolated Power Systems

Surgeon & Touch Control Panel

Line Isolation Monitor

Remote Alarm Indicator


We calibrate all your equipment to exacting standards. Calibration services performed by INAT Qualified Technician. We use definitive measurement practices, standard metrology principles, and high-end standards to determine if a test instrument is performing according to the manufacturer’s specifications or special specifications agreed upon by the customer. This service gives our customers confidence in the measurements they will make with their test instruments. Our calibration includes Testing, Validation, and Calibration of Biomedical Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, and all other hospital equipment.


We provide complete Training to hospital maintenance staff on care and use of isolated power systems and Bender equipment. Training conducted by factory-certified Engineer.