Calibration Services

INAT GROUP ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory offering Services to ensure that the equipment installed or accessories used in Oil & Gas, chemical Industries, refinery or plants checked regularly after some interval to verify its operation by meeting compliance standards, specification and regulatory requirements , scope of which includes the following services given below.

Force, Torque

Process Control Instrumentation

Electrical, Electronics

Lifting & Non-Destructive Equipment


Mechanical & Inspection Equipment


Gauge (Dial & Digital)


Standard Reference Calibration

Dimensional Calibration


Welding Equipment

Survey Meters

Painting Gauges

Laboratory Testing & Batch Plants

Onsite Calibration Facility in a Container

INAT capable to provide site services by our Mobile Calibration & repairing on project sites to avoid the delay in process. Mobile calibration services provide premium service with maximum convenience, with mobile labs located throughout the KSA . Our ISO 17025 accredited mobile calibration laboratories offer a wide range of calibration capabilities including the Pressure, Torque, Temperature, Hydraulics, and Electrical measurement disciplines. trailer comes equipped with an inventory of test & measurement equipment available.

Pressure Safety Vulvae Calibration both in Lab & On-site

Bellows safety valve, Diaphragm safety valve, Proportional safety valve , Pilot operated pressure relief valve , Balanced safety relief valve, Conventional safety relief valve and other type of valves.

On-Site Pressure Safety Valve Testing Facility in a Container

INAT capable to provide Remote Lab site services for pressure safety Calibration & repairing on project sites or INAT can shift Mobile container equipment with safety relief valve testing to avoid the delay in process, saving cost of transportation to laboratory

On-Site Flow Meter Facility in a Container

INAT provides flow meter calibration services. Flow meter instruments ensure that the flow meter’s measurements are as accurate as their specifications. Our comprehensive flow meter calibration services can be custom-tailored to meet your specific requirements either at your site or through our mobile lab.