"INAT" 17020 Accredited

Testing Services

An Accredited Testing Laboratory Services offering wide range of Testing Services

Civil Testing Service

New Technologies have increased construction liability and revised building standards have made quality testing  integral to the successful completion of today’s construction projects. that is why quality testing is consider most  important for the successful project completion and increase reliability.

“INAT” 17025 Accredited Testing Laboratory Services offering wide range of Civil Testing Services performed by  our highly qualified testing engineers, technicians with most of there background from civil and geology, backed  by documentation needed to ensure that our customer meets all the defined requirements and Standards. Our  tests are conducted in accordance with the both National and International Standards.

Our Main Services include but not limited to:

Our technical staff contribute to diversify their skills from material testing to Analytical Chemistry, with backgrounds stemming from Soil Investigations, Geological Survey, Geophysical Survey, Testing of Soil, Aggregate, Concrete, Asphalt, Environmental Survey and others.

Technical Consultancy Scope of services includes:

  • Design and implementation of quality control programs.
  • Supply of testing equipment, logistics, staff and management of site laboratories.
  • On site materials testing
  • Preparation of periodic quality control and statistical analysis reports.
  • Design and implementation of quality control programs for manufacturing facilities such as:
    • Ready mix concrete plants
    • Asphalt production plants
    • Precast unit plants
    • Blocks and tiles factories
    • Concrete additives manufacturing plants
    • Building materials factories
    • Evaluation of materials quality utilizing statistical techniques

Ability to establish Site/ Mobile Laboratory

INAT maintains several sets of laboratory equipment  and logistics in order to establish site/ mobile  laboratories along with Inspection and Testing of  varying size, scope and capacity, whenever requested.  Our Technical Staff is ready to mobilize to any location  with Our Mobile Laboratory.

Training for Civil Testing Laboratory and Geotechnical Staff

  • Conducting training courses and seminars for:
    • Laboratory Technician
    • Laboratory Supervisor
    • Geotechnical Investigation and others
    • CPT by Seismic Cone

Geo technical Investigation

INAT Group 17025 Accredited providing geotechnical investigation services both Onshore and offshore drilling ranging from cone penetration testing (CPT), to conventional drilling techniques, sampling and borehole testing, geological mapping, geophysical methods and other require methods to acquires geotechnical and other data to characterize the subsurface. Data is collected using a variety of methods, tools, sensors and Laboratory tests.

INAT site and geotechnical investigation services consist of:

Geotechnical and structural

Other Geotechnical Services

Geo Physical Studies & Testing

INAT Group 17025 Accredited providing offers onshore and near shore geophysical services for investigating the ground both on surface as well as borehole, geophysical surveys are provided where the latest techniques and advanced analysis software are employed for data acquisition, processing and interpretation of results. Our Modern equipment and skilled staff are readily available to meet the client’s needs and expectations effectively and in a timely manner.
The scope of services of the Geophysical Studies includes:

Surface seismic survey

Electrical & Thermal survey

Other local specialist services

Standard borehole logging methods

Borehole seismic survey

Marine Geophysical & Oceanographic Investigation

Pile Testing Service

Pile Testing Instrumentation
INAT offering Services in pile quality control and testing and general geotechnical instrumentation. INAT providing a range of testing, monitoring services prior to, during and after construction of piles for both Onshore and Offshore.

The scope of services of the Pile Testing & Instrumentation includes:

Environmental Studies & Testing

INAT provides an array of professional environmental sampling and testing services that comply with the most stringent regulatory requirements in the environmental industry.

INAT environmental studies and testing scope of services includes:

Chemical & Water Testing

Our testing services covers Drinking Water, Seawater, Groundwater, Surface & Soils Sediments, Solids, Cements which includes: