Industrial Equipment

Since 1974, We supply equipment and provide after-sales services along with well-known manufacturers from all over the world in Industrial sector.

Industrial Development

We understands the risks of having insufficient protection in automation, industrial and manufacturing processes. INAT always considers as much as possible the highest safety and availability for power supply, manpower source and equipment’s. Faulty protection in these fields will lead into disaster in COST, TIME and HUMAN SAFETY. We are here to provide you all protection needed to avoid the disasters.

Mining and Drilling

Mining describes the detection, development, extraction and preparation of ground materials in the top layers of the earth crust using technical systems and equipment. In this extreme working environment, human lives depend directly on the flawless functioning of the technology. Monitoring devices not only save lives, they also ensure smooth processes and maximum availability of the technical equipment and systems required to extract the mineral resources.

Manufacturing and Production

We have huge experience Improving safety of machines with perfect condition monitoring. Our solution are used in a wide range of sectors of mechanical engineering in order to simplify planning, service, maintenance and repairs. Subjects such as quick troubleshooting, secured energy quality or status-based maintenance (predictive maintenance) are easy to implement.

Energy and Power

Due to high demand of power in this region it is very difficult to deal with power shutdown for maintenance and repairs of Substatic and Transmission lines. INAT is very clever on INDUSTRIAL_Page_2 this issue and produce a certain solution that will give so much advantage for O&M companies and Field Maintenance.

Power Station

Transform Station

DCIS & UPS Systems

Water Pump Station

Drive Conveyor Technology

Plant Control Station

Smelter Plants & Casting Assembly

Switch Gears

Combined Heat & Power Units

Food & Packaging Machines

Rolling Mill Assembly

Pipe Stopper & Lifting

Storage & Transportation

Sub Station Plants & Transmission Lines

Automotive Engineering

Crane & Lifting Technology

Robots & Welding Technology

Mechanical Engineering Sectors


Wind & Power Renewable Energy